5 Video Tips To Make You The GOAT

Puttin urself our there can get frightening

Palms, sweatin, knots in ur stomach.....

And on top of that u got pressure to go viral or else yo friends and fam will think ur wasting ur time with each move

the key is to use IG as a platform to get ahead

Gone are the days of talent alone being the answer

Yes that’s important but u gotta be “entertaining”....

That’s one of the Secrets

makin videos of u doing something “other” than rappin......every now and then throw in some lit verses

with the #1 rap training course on the net.....

but im talkin about u gettin on ur instagram story or ur snapchat...facebook...whateva u like...

& talkin bout how u write

or doin a live rap battle

or jus spittin some verse bout ur lyfe...

showin off ur skills.

But it gotta be in a way that’s “entertaining”

I can’t stress that enough and that’s a jewel

Did u know? video content is more likely to get shared

Or how bout this?

when u go live on instagram...ur story appear first for the ppl who follow u

they gonna see u first...

After u develop consistency....instagram is likely to feature u on they search page...

follow this formula to get where u wanna be

A dope rapper

all too often u get discouraged and question why u do it all

U wonder if rap really is for u

We all go thru that

I ain’t no different from u

u been writin and now u wanna see it start payin off

u been goin to battles and puttin in ur work

u gridin...

it aint easy.

so try sumthin new.

imma give u sum tips on how to make dope videos

u can use it for fb or instagram live...making videos for youtube...whateva.

these r my rules u gotta follow to make dope videos:

1. Make sure u on at the same time on tha same day

Try to be instagram live or whatever u choose on the same day at the same time...

if ur postin the videos on youtube do the same: same day, same time...​

so yo homies kno when they can look 4 u and hear ur new beats...start out doin it once a week to get used to it and go from there.

2. Talk bout wut u kno.

if u tryin to be a rapper...u gotta talk about bein a rapper. its aight if u wanna talk about sum otha stuff sometimes but dont be talkin bout how to be a basketball star if u dont kno how to play....u feel me?

3. write sum ideas for u to say

u want the videos to be good...even if u doin it live. "um" and "uh" dont work in ur verses and it aint gonna work for ur videos neither. just give urself a lil sumthin so u aint searchin for stuff to say.

4. advertise ur videos

put it out there dawg. u doin it so ppl can hear ur rhymes. so its ok if u do u advertise it on ur social media because u want people to watch.

5. give the homies something good

teach them how to write sumthin dope to a beat...talk about a new idea u got...make it worth tha ppls time. bcuz dat is how they will keep watching and how u can build credibility as a rapper.

if u follow those u gonna establish urself as a real producer.

u gonna make it easier for ppl to find out ur name.

so make some videos

put it wherever u want

or do instagram live or fb live...

ya feel

and keep doin it same day same time...

and watch urself getting noticed...

why not try it out?

this is ur chance to getting closer tour dream of bein an industry rapper.

u ready for it?

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